Making a successful executive career change

As a corporate executive, you’ve gained a wealth of skills and experience. You crave the excitement and sense of achievement that you used to experience every day. After a rewarding career to date, you feel that something is missing. Plus, you’re lining your company’s pocket when you could be generating profits for yourself and your family.

Many executives underestimate the transferability of their skillset into business ownership. Or they go into business without properly identifying what skills they have, and the best types of businesses to match those skills to.

When you invest in a franchise, you benefit from running a business with a proven operating model. You’ll benefit from support from the franchisor, and customers who know and trust the brand.

From experience, we know that executives transitioning from a corporate background make some of the most exceptional franchisees. You’ll be running a business with defined processes, managing staff, developing strategy, and benefiting from support from above. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It should – it’s how most corporate executives work.

Getting business-ready

As an experienced executive, you’ll know the value of working with a mentor or coach to define and hone your skills and develop capability.

Though there are many similarities between managing a team, department, or division and running a business, there are many differences too. Becoming a franchisee has the power to bring you financial and time freedom, but it is also accompanied by great responsibility.

Our career transition services help executives change their career and transfer more smoothly into business ownership.

We’ll help you identify the level of skills you possess, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Sales skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Time management

We’ll also help you appreciate how being a franchisee could impact you. For example, how the responsibility of owning a business means you could be ‘on call’ 24/7. Or the potential impact on your family life, because your head is wrapped up in developing the next stage of your business strategy.

We’ll also help you adjust to your new lifestyle – financial and otherwise – as you learn to balance new freedoms with new responsibilities.

Closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

The space you’re in now (between your corporate life and the life you desire) can be confusing. It can create anxiety, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Working with a consultant who has been through this journey, and helped many others to navigate their own journeys, will help you reach your desired destination without making the common mistakes that could spell disaster.

To make a successful executive career change, our career transition services will help you discover if franchising is the right choice for you. Then we will help you identify your skills and experience, and match them to franchise opportunities that will align with your professional and life goals.

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