There are nearly 800,000 successful franchises in the United States. Franchises account for almost 4% of GDP. It’s a huge sector, with many, many success stories. Each of those success stories involves an entrepreneurial investor with the personality and skills needed to become a franchisee. But each of those franchisees is their own person, a unique individual with a dream and the ambition to make that dream happen.

Reading about the success of other franchisees should be as big a part of your research as discovering and understanding the mistakes that franchisees make.

We share success stories with our clients. You’ll learn about where franchisees have come from, the obstacles they have faced, and the strategies they have employed to overcome challenges along the way.

These stories will help you determine if investing in a franchise can produce the income, profit, and lifestyle you desire. Each of these successes have been where you are now: the consideration stage. If they hadn’t taken the next step, they wouldn’t have created the success that you will read about.

Be sure to visit this page regularly. We’ll update it with the latest franchisee success stories as they happen.

Michael Mathews

Michael Mathews

I worked with Brian in the latter part of 2017 after being laid off from a long software engineering career. We met at a seminar he led, and I was very impressed with his presentation. The discovery (search and evaluate) process went very well, with good communication and consultation when we needed it. We successfully found a great opportunity and we are currently close to starting operations. I'd highly recommend Brian to anyone interested in exploring the world of franchising.

Stephanie Lyee

Stephanie Yee

I was pretty naturally resistant to the idea of a franchise, but talking to Brian made me realize just how supported I would be with a franchise. He also talked me through my life goals, strengths, weaknesses, and job preferences to find out a franchise that really worked for me. I never would have even considered this before, but 7 months in, I'm loving my new business, and it offers me the flexibility I need. Thank you, Brian, for helping me see an opportunity I had never considered before!