The 7 Best Vending Machine Franchise Opportunities to Invest in This Year

What are the best vending machine franchise opportunities to invest in this year? We examine seven of the top vending franchises to help you choose the best for you.

Top Vending Franchises to Build Your Lifestyle Business

If you are considering investing in vending machine franchise opportunities, the range of vending machine franchises for sale is mind-blowing. The top vending franchises sell products ranging from snacks to pharmaceuticals, and the range of business models is almost as wide.

The best vending franchises offer you the opportunity to work full or part-time on your business. They are simple operational models – remote stores that allow you to stay open and trade up to 24 hours a day. Great lifestyle businesses.

But with such a wide range of vending franchise opportunities, identifying the best for you can be challenging. To get you started in your search, here is a list of seven of the best vending machine franchise opportunities available to invest in this year.

Clothes Bin

Founded in 2014 and with around 40 franchise units, Clothes Bin is a great business for ethical entrepreneurs. 

The concept is simple. Bins allow people to deposit their old clothes instead of trashing them. When the bins are full, you empty them and have the option to sell the contents independently or participate in the Clothes Bin National Buyer Program.

This is a business model that allows you to create an extra income stream while remaining in your current job. The bins alert you when they are at capacity and need to be serviced. Royalties are $6 per bin per week, and the initial investment amount is around $160k to $200k.


Founded as a healthy foods vending machine company in 2011, Healthier4U has around 3,200 franchise units.

The Healthier4U business model is easy to follow. You’ll receive two days of intensive training in Las Vegas, and support with site selection as well as high-quality machines. If you enjoy helping people live healthily, and are committed to making a difference, with the motivation to own and operate a successful vending business, this could be the franchise for you.

There are multiple investment options, ranging from a total investment of around $50k to around $360k.


A giant in the world of franchising, HealthyYOU has been operating since 1999 and has built out more than 1,800 franchise units.

This franchise gives you much more flexibility than many franchises. But its operating model is far different, too. You’ll receive comprehensive up-front training and ongoing support, but you control what you sell and what prices you charge. There are no royalties or commitment requirements from you post-sale. The HealthyYOU team will help you source locations – but your business success is down to you.

The cost for this franchise is between around $50k and $225k.


With around 180 franchise units, IceBorn was created in 2012 by Ice House America and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘Top 10 New Franchises to Watch’. Its machines produce fresh ice from water filtered on-site, with the tagline, “Fresh from the source”. The machines are also linked to you remotely via a management system that allows you to manage them from anywhere.

Initial investment ranges from around $110k to around $240k, and royalties are at 6%.


With more than 10,000 franchises and franchising since 1987, Naturals2Go is the best-established of the vending machine franchises on this list.

Naturals2Go vending machines sell a range of healthy drinks and snacks. It’s a great lifestyle business, ideal to create largely passive income or as a full-time or part-time owner. You’ll receive high-quality training from a franchisor that has been presented the Business Opportunity of the Year Award from the Franchise Brokers Association for nine years running.

The total investment needed to become a Naturals2GO franchisee is between around $50k and $250k.


Founded in 2014, PharmaBox now has around 50 franchise units in the United States since adopting the franchise model in 2018. The business sells over-the-counter medicines and healthcare products from vending machines.

As a new franchise owner, you’ll receive 40 hours of training, provided both on the job and in the classroom. There’s also a great ongoing support program. This includes help with lease negotiation, a newsletter, online and phone support, help with site selection, and a range of marketing support including national advertising and online marketing.

Your initial investment will be around $200k to $225k, and royalties are 6%.

Xpresso Delight

For an investment of around $100k, you could become an Xpresso Delight franchisee.

This business was founded in 2003 and began franchising in 2004. It now boasts more than 200 franchises internationally. The company operates a coffee-as-a-service model, serving business locations. As a franchisee, you’ll sell the concept to businesses, set up the machines, service them once a week, and report cup volumes to the franchisor to get paid.

A corporate network is beneficial, as is strong business acumen, but no experience is necessary to be considered as a franchisee. You’ll benefit from a range of support, including in-depth training, marketing systems, and a centralized billing system.

Buy the best vending machine franchise for you

Vending machine franchise opportunities really are among the best to create a business that fits your lifestyle. Many can be operated on a part-time basis, meaning you can remain in your job while developing your business. They also offer opportunities to build a business around your personal values.

The franchises we have outlined here are only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of vending franchises to choose from. 

During an initial consultation with would-be franchisees, our focus is on helping you understand your personal business goals, and then examining franchise opportunities that will help you achieve them. This includes identifying franchises that give you the benefit of the appropriate support to build on your strengths and eliminate gaps in experience or knowledge.

Where do you start?

Either take a franchisee assessment or if you prefer, book a free consultation to discuss your business goals and franchising objectives.

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