The 9 Best Computer Franchise Opportunities for Investment in 2022

Computer franchise opportunities are among the best available to entrepreneurs. But which of these best nine should you invest in?

Which of These Computer Franchises for Sale Is Best for You?

The computer industry has seen a great deal of change over the last few decades. Computers have gone from being a niche product to something that is found in most homes and businesses, with many people using them daily. With all this change, it can be difficult to know how to start a business in the computer industry. 

Before you make the leap, you should think about your skillsets, your experience, what line of work interests you most, and how you can best achieve your personal and professional goals.

There are many computer franchise opportunities available for investment. But of all the computer franchises for sale, which is the best computer franchise for you?

We’ve produced this list of nine of the best computer franchises in the USA for investment in 2022.

CMIT Solutions Inc.

CMIT Solutions Inc. was founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas. It has been franchising since 1998, allowing franchisees to offer a range of managed IT services including expert IT advice and cybersecurity support.

You don’t need to have IT or marketing experience, and the training and support package is comprehensive.

To join the more than 250 franchised units, you’ll need to invest a total of around $120k to $170k.

Computer Troubleshooters

The world’s largest technology services franchise network, Computer Troubleshooters franchisees offer a wide range of services including:

  • On-site hardware and software installation and support

  • Network installation, maintenance, and administration

  • Data backup and recovery, virus protection and spyware removal, security analysis and consulting

  • Regular system maintenance, new installations, and system upgrades

  • Website design and internet services

  • Mobile device support and mobile app development

  • Technology consulting and strategic planning

  • Telecomm services

  • Remote access and diagnostics

With such an array of services, the potential customer base is exceptionally large, stretching from individuals to large businesses. You’ll receive comprehensive training in all business disciplines – though you will need to demonstrate you possess adequate professional experience.

The investment needed to become a Computer Troubleshooters franchisee is around $20k to $40k.

Electronic Restoration Services (ERS)

An industry leader in the restoration of electronics appliances for insurance claims and data recovery, ERS was founded in 1993 and began franchising in 2012. It is headquartered in Michigan.

Franchises in the group offer services around the clock and pride themselves on providing excellent service and a high-quality customer experience. You’ll receive support in the crucial aspects of business, such as sales, marketing, and operations.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, great interpersonal skills, and experience in business, for a total investment of between around $150k and $225k you could join the growing number of ERS franchisees.


Are you an Apple aficionado? Then life as an Experimax franchisee could be ideal for you.

Franchising since 2014, and now with more than 120 franchise units, Experimax provides computer and cell phone repair services, specializing in Apple products. Your business will offer quality, pre-owned Apple® products and accessories, making repairs, taking trade-ins, and providing software and system updates.

In a store-based business opportunity, you will benefit from site selection guidance, store build-out assistance, lease negotiation, and more. You don’t need tech experience, but you do need business acumen and the drive to build a business aimed at individual and business customers.

The total investment is around $175k.


A managed service provider, Expetec franchisees can offer a range of branded services: 

  • E-Care ─ manage PCs, laptops, and servers remotely

  • E-Secure ─ secure networks and keep your business clients up and running

  • E-Save ─ back up your clients’ data through their automated systems

  • E-Net ─ website creation and hosting through Expetec templates and infrastructure

The flexible business model is ideal for all business ownership goals, including business professionals, value-added resellers, and investment owners. You’ll be backed by Expetec’s Network Operations Center, and your target customers are small and medium businesses.

The total investment required is between around $80k and $125k.

Geeks on Call

Geeks on Call includes the previous 1-800-905 GEEK group which was founded in 1999. It now boasts more than 120 franchisees – the majority of whom have at least 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, general management, or as an IT professional.

You’ll be selling services to small and medium businesses. These services include:

  • Remote monitoring and management services

  • Mobile app development

  • Telecom comparative shopping including voice, intranet, data, and mobile devices

  • Website development, hosting, search engine optimization, and online marketing

You’ll benefit from marketing support that includes ongoing drip marketing, a telemarketing program, and operation support such as proprietary system support, and the Geeks on Call CRM system. You’ll also receive a package of training designed to help you hit the ground running and stay in the race.

The investment required is between around $20k and $70k. 

RadioShack Corp

Founded in 1921, RadioShack sells everything that electronics buffs and consumers could need. As you might expect from such a mature company, its presence is huge – more than 6,000 stores in the USA alone.

Its support for franchisees includes marketing in national media, newsletters, meetings and conventions, online support, and a week of on-the-job training for new franchisees.

And the investment required? Between around $140k and $650k.


Founded in 1994 and with around 125 franchise units, TeamLogicIT enables entrepreneurial franchisees to enjoy three revenue streams from small and medium-sized business customers:

  • Project work

  • Managed IT services

  • Software and hardware sales 

You’ll receive six days of training at headquarters, and ongoing coaching as a franchisee. You’ll also receive ongoing marketing and business development support.

If you have executive experience, combined with either hands-on technical experience or a passion for technology, an investment of between $110k and $160k could make you an ideal candidate.


With around 700 franchise units, uBreakFix is rebranding as Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions. This rebranding brings the business into line with its parent company, Asurion, and is expected to improve marketing and operational efficiencies, as well as increase the number of services that store owners can provide to customers.

You’ll receive extensive training in the classroom – a total of 144 hours. Initial and ongoing support includes lease negotiation, site selection, proprietary software, and a full suite of marketing support.

You don’t need to be an engineer to qualify as a franchisee candidate, but sales and sales management experience is definitely advantageous, as well as team management experience.

You’ll be expected to invest between around $90k and $140k.

How to Buy the Best Computer Franchise for You

If you are considering buying a computer franchise, the availability can be bewildering. You’ll need to consider many factors, not least of which is how to create a business that fits your lifestyle. You’ll also need to ensure that the franchise opportunity provides the training and support you need, and will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

These nine computer franchises are only a sample of all those available. There are hundreds to choose from, so you’ll need to do your research. This is one of the major ways in which we help our clients.

During an initial consultation with would-be franchisees, our focus is on helping you understand your personal business goals, and then examining franchise opportunities that will help you achieve them. This includes identifying franchises that give you the benefit of the appropriate support to build on your strengths and eliminate gaps in experience or knowledge.

Where do you start?

Either take a franchisee assessment or if you prefer, book a free consultation to discuss your business goals and franchising objectives.

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