Green Franchises: Sustainable, Energy & Eco-Friendly Franchise Opportunities

For eco-friendly entrepreneurs, buying green franchises could be great business sense. Here are a few of the best green franchise opportunities today.

6 of the Sexiest and Best Green Franchise Opportunities in 2021

There are many green franchises for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs to buy. These include businesses as diverse as eco-friendly dry-cleaning services, solar franchise opportunities, and sustainable franchises. 

They are good businesses to buy, too. Americans are becoming increasingly green. The Biden administration is targeting green policies and initiatives. Businesses that aren’t viewed as eco-friendly are shifting toward green. It’s a great time to invest in environmental franchises.

Here is a small selection of the best green franchise opportunities available to buy today.

  1. Eco-friendly dry-cleaning franchise – The Eco Laundry Company

This company started in Buenos Aires in 2010. Just two years later, they opened their first store in NYC. It became the world’s first B Corporation in 2013.

It uses an organic wet cleaning process that uses fresh water and specially formulated detergent. Its machines are computer controlled.

The company’s mission is to ‘Provide world-class laundry and dry-cleaning services, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.’ How eco-friendly is the company? Among its many innovations it uses:

  • Reusable, eco-friendly laundry bags

  • Biodegradable plastic dry cleaning covers

  • Energy-efficient laundry machines

  • Recycled materials used in store construction

The Eco Laundry Company also aims to run its business on 100% pure wind energy. 

  1. Solar franchise opportunities – Solar Grids

You don’t have to be mechanically minded or climb onto roofs to run a successful solar energy franchise business. Some of the best solar franchise opportunities are in sales, and Solar Grids is one of them.

In a fast-growing sector, you’ll use your management and sales skills to sell solar systems. You’ll receive one-on-one training, access to all the company’s tools and resources, and build a business with multiple streams of income.

  1. Energy-saving franchise opportunities – Green Homes America

Many homeowners want to cut their energy usage to help save the planet. Green Homes America is a business that helps them do this – and much more. They take a holistic approach when assessing a home, and provide detailed guidance on how to create more sustainable homes through options such as insulation, improving air quality, increasing comfort in the home, and reducing energy bills. And they don’t stop there.

Other areas in which your business will consult with clients include hot water systems, indoor air quality, efficient lighting, appliances, windows and doors, solar thermal, solar electrical systems, electric vehicles, geothermal systems, and energy monitoring systems.

The company was founded in 1981, is headquartered in California, and has won awards for excellence. With a low liquid capital requirement, this could be an ideal business for you.

  1. Healthy fast-food franchises – Pure Green

This article would be incomplete without a healthy eating franchise option. I’ve chosen Pure Green for this list. Founder Ross Franklin opened his first Pure Green as a juice bar in 2014. It has since evolved into a nationwide wholesale company.

As a Pure Green location franchisee, you don’t get involved in making the juice yourself. It is supplied from Pure Green’s wholesale business. There’s a big package of support available, and a total of 48 hours training. If you share Pure Green’s mission of creating healthier communities around the world, this could be the franchise opportunity for you.

  1. Green carpet cleaning franchise – Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, which it says are the greenest in the world. Its process saves up to 58 gallons of water per home. Carpets dry within an hour. It donates some of its service fee to the charity

The company also offers other cleaning services, such as tile and grout, rugs, and upholstery. Founded in 2006, it currently has more than 400 locations.

  1. Sustainable franchises – Junkluggers

Junk removal has never been so green! Junkluggers is ‘Saving the world, one lug at a time.’ 

This is a high-energy, eco-friendly company that focuses on green, community-minded practices as it goes about its daily business. Founded in 2004 by the principled Josh Cohen operating in Fairfield, CT, using his mom’s Dodge Durango, Junkluggers is now a multistate franchise operation. Its mission is to eliminate waste from landfills by 2025 by donating to local non-profits or eco-friendly recycling.

Best green franchise opportunities – how do you choose the best for you?

There has never been a better time to buy a green franchise. Are you ready for the challenge of business ownership, the opportunity to be your own boss, and the chance to build a highly profitable business while doing your bit for the planet?

These franchises that I have highlighted above are only six of dozens of great environmental franchises available to invest in today. Start your journey as a green entrepreneur by taking the Franchise Aptitude Test. Or, to learn more about all your options, consider our Executive Career Change Services.

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