Reasons for Starting a Real Estate Business

Starting a real estate business could be ideal for you, but how do you know? And if your dream is to own a real estate company, should you consider a real estate franchise?

And Why You Should Consider Investing in a Real Estate Franchise

Real estate has long been a great business to get into. So, what is stopping you from becoming a real estate business owner? 

Is it that starting a real estate company requires a lot of upfront cash and working capital? What if we showed you that this is baloney?

What if there was a way of owning a real estate business, with the potential of making big profits, without having a huge wedge of free cash behind you?

Starting your real estate business doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It could become a reality by owning a real estate business that focuses on real estate wholesaling. And buying a real estate franchise in the space could be your ideal entry point.

10 reasons for starting a real estate business

There are many reasons to start your own real estate business. You may want to take charge of your life, be your own boss, or just enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a company. And, of course, there’s the potential profit!

Here are 10 reasons to start a real estate business:

  1. No office? No problem!

Some of the most successful real estate business owners don’t even have an office. Okay, they may not be in the class of the Lincoln Lawyer and work from the back seat of a sedan, but with a cellphone, computer, and internet connection you’re good to go.

  1. Generate a steady income

By buying and selling properties regularly, it’s possible to develop sizeable profits. By renting properties you own, you can generate a steady and reliable stream of income.

  1. Benefit from lower taxes

No one likes paying taxes, do they? 

When owning a real estate business, you get to take advantage of a bunch of tax benefits, which include deductible expenses such as mortgage costs, property taxes, insurance, building maintenance and repairs, and other qualified business expenses.

You can also take depreciation into consideration, pass-through deduction, and favorable capital gains taxes depending upon your tax status. (Oh, and rental income isn’t subject to FICA taxes.)

  1. Benefit from property appreciation in value over time

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth over time. Real estate prices have a remarkable history of increasing over time ─ and that’s all money in your pocket. You can also leverage cash flow from existing rental properties in your portfolio to buy more real estate.

  1. Be in control of your business

You know all those mistakes you watch your employer make? Gone. You are the one with the responsibility. You’ve got the steering wheel.

  1. Making more secure investments

Are you fed up with the performance of your retirement funds? When you invest in property, you invest for yourself. Real estate is a good long-term investment because it has historically low volatility and has beat inflation. If you want to retire wealthier, then look no further.

There are many other benefits of investing in real estate, like the fact that you don’t have to worry about your property being hacked or going out of style.

  1. Invest less, get more 

When you obtain a real estate license, a whole new world of opportunity opens to you. You’ll discover investment opportunities more easily, and you’ll pay lower closing costs. This all adds up to lower investment and a fatter bottom line.

  1. Set your own schedule

Seriously, once you become a business owner and take control of your professional and personal life, you’ll never want to return to corporate life again.

  1. Increase family time

When you are the boss, you can build a great team around you. With a great team, you can take a little more time away from work to spend with your family. That’s the freedom that no ‘normal’ job provides.

  1. No prior industry experience is necessary

You need the right mindset for this industry. You also need cash to invest. You need an entrepreneurial spirit. You should be a people person, with good people-management skills. A talent for spotting a great deal is a strong card, too.

But, unlike most other businesses, you don’t need prior industry experience.

Why you should consider investing in a real estate franchise

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in a real estate franchise. Franchises provide a proven, systematic approach to building and managing your business. They also offer an established system for getting new customers, as well as the support and training needed to grow your business. With a real estate franchise, you get access to all the resources and tools you’ll need to start your own business.

The range of benefits that a real estate franchise offers to franchisees include:

  • Being in business for yourself, but not by yourself

  • Using a proven system to get results

  • Building your real estate portfolio

  • Establishing your reputation within a defined territory

  • Getting help and support when you need it

  • Getting comprehensive training to get your first deal quickly

  • Getting marketing support to find the right deals

Reasons to invest in a real estate wholesaling franchise

“Yeah, I get all of what you’ve said. But I still need a truckful of cash to invest in real estate, don’t I?”

That’s what you think, right? You need startup capital, and huge deposits, and then there are the mortgages to fund, right?


Not if you start a real estate business in wholesaling ─ finding off-market properties and assigning contracts without using your own capital. You’re the lynchpin between seller and buyer ─ like a real estate agent, but specializing in finding distressed properties that are off-market and not listed.

Of course, property discovery is more challenging. This is why a franchise business with experienced and brand recognition (like Joe Homebuyer) will help you ─ the benefit of being your own boss trading under a respected brand. And it’s not only suitable properties that being a Joe Homebuyer franchisee will assist you with ─ you’ll have the name behind you that attracts potential buyers, too.

Other reasons to invest in a wholesaling franchise include:

  • Low startup costs ─ investing in a franchise is generally cheaper than starting a business from scratch

  • Wholesaling can be a lucrative business ─ you don’t use your own cash, and pocket the difference between your agreed sale price and the price at which you actually sell the property

  • You provide a service to people who need it, including homeowners, neighbors, and investors

  • It’s a low-risk way to begin investing in real estate, with several income streams, including the potential to hold the property for the long term and rent homes

Do you qualify to start a real estate business in wholesaling?

The first step to starting your real estate business is to evaluate yourself. Do you have what it takes? Have you got the right mixture of skills to succeed? What type of franchise would be best for you to invest in?

We’ve developed a quick and easy entrepreneurial and franchise assessment, based on our many years of experience in the franchise market. It only takes a few minutes and will help you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and the type of franchise that will be best for you. 

To start your journey as a successful entrepreneur and franchisee, take our franchise aptitude test today.

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