Reasons to Invest in a Computer Repair Franchise

Should you consider investing in a computer repair franchise? Here are 10 reasons you should do just that and buy a computer repair franchise business.

Could a Computer Repair Business Franchise Be the Perfect Business Opportunity?

Computer and electronics repair may be an industry that has declined a little over the last five years, but it is set to return to an upward trend in 2022 with a growth of 2.7%. As the economic woes bite and the cost of living squeezes our spending ability, and more people work from home, more computer users are likely to repair the device they currently own rather than replace them.

With 74% of Americans owning at least one computer or laptop, the potential for profiting from a computer repair business is very positive in this $22 billion market. If you have IT and computer repair experience and are considering starting your own computer repair business, should you buy a computer repair services franchise?

10 benefits of owning a computer repair franchise

As a franchisee, there are many advantages from which you will benefit. You become a business owner and your own boss, with the advantage of buying a tried and tested model, plus the benefit of brand recognition that gives a small business a real boost to its marketing efforts.

Here are 10 of the most prominent benefits of owning computer repair franchises, whether home-based business opportunities or repair store franchise opportunities.

  1. A growing base of potential customers

We touched on it in the introduction to this article. The electronic and computer repair business is large and forecasts to grow. 

Not only is the economy conducive for business owners of computer repair companies, but the move to work-from-home is growing the need for connectivity and IT security. 

On top of this, data security is crucial, and regulators are toughening up ─ the need for tech support for small businesses is growing, and many will choose to outsource this.

  1. The opportunity to run a home-based or mobile business

Are you tired of the daily commute? Fed up with soaring gas prices that your boss won’t compensate you for?

Owning a computer repair franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity. It is also an opportunity for you to run a home-based or mobile business. A 60-second commute to the office! Visiting clients’ homes and businesses, instead of being stuck behind a single desk.

  1. Lower startup costs

Owning a computer repair franchise can be a great option for those who don’t want to start from scratch with their own business. One reason is that you won’t have the startup costs of a traditional business startup. You’ll also benefit from any supply-side deals the franchisor has in place, and you’ll receive training and support, too.

  1. Minimal startup work

When you buy a franchise, it’s like a business in a box. Sure, there will be plenty to do before you are up and running, but a huge amount will already be covered. Logos. Business service agreements. Working practices. Marketing and advertising. Training and support. If it’s not done for you, you’ll receive all the help you need from a franchisor who is every bit as bought into your success as you are.

  1. Multiple revenue sources

Many computer repair franchise businesses offer a variety of services and products. They may offer virus removal, disaster recovery services, data backup, hardware and software installation, security audits, and more. Oh, and don’t forget the many opportunities you’ll have to upsell your other products and services.

  1. B2B benefits

A major source of business could be from other businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. This is a lucrative market, with high transaction values and repeat business.

  1. A tried-and-tested business model

You’ll have the peace of mind of operating within a tried-and-tested business model. You benefit from the lessons the franchisor has learned as they grew their business, and the good working practices they have in place.

  1. Brand recognition and marketing

Brand recognition is one of the most important benefits of owning a computer repair franchise because it attracts potential customers to your business. As soon as people see your logo, they will know what it stands for and they will be more likely to trust your services.

You’ll also benefit from the franchisor’s marketing materials and national and localized marketing campaigns. Those who have created advertising campaigns from beginning to end will understand just how valuable this type of help is.

  1. Training and support

Training and ongoing support are key components of owning a computer repair franchise. Depending on the franchise, you may receive training in business, marketing, accounts, and sales ─ as well as tech training if required.

Similarly, the support you receive may include HR issues, hiring, training of staff, selection of location, marketing, and more.

  1. Higher success rates

Because of all these benefits and advantages, franchise businesses tend to have higher success rates than non-franchise businesses.

Is a computer repair business franchise the best opportunity for you?

A computer repair business franchise is a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking for a stable and predictable business. It’s also a wonderful way to build your own business, leveraging off existing brand recognition, with minimal risk and upfront cost. You’ll receive training, marketing materials, and ongoing support ─ all helpful to the success of your business.

But be warned: not all computer repair franchises are equal. You should invest in one that dovetails with your business goals and experience. One that offers the right amount of training and support for you, and the products and services that excite you the most.

How do you start the search for your ideal computer repair business franchise?

Take our franchise aptitude test today. It’s the first step to success as a franchisee.

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